Misc Unsigned Bands - Northwest Regency - Abel Show chords

Intro-A x8,G x8,E5 x12

I love riding through the streets 
EWonder whats going through my head
BGoing up those hills
ACant wait to get to bed
BMy picture lies among your wall
ERose above my bed
BWill you remember me?
AAnd the life I led?
Oooh, you didnt have to go
E BIt was-nt your ti-ime
B AEven though,
B-B-B [pause]We didnt want you to go
Oooh, you didnt have to go
E BIt wasnt your ti-ime
B AAlthough,
B-B-B [pause]Your still our Abel Show
E, B, A, BIt happend not to long ago
E Riding through the streets
BLoving my life
AMe and her are sweet
B-BI was off on a work call
EAdmiring the snow
BIt all happend way to fast
ANo one wouldve known
I hold my parents very dear
EAnd Now i wipe there every tear
BAlicia is my love
ASent from heaven above
B-BAlthough i am gone
E Im still in your hearts
BThats the way i want it to be
AIve loved you from the start
Outro-E, B, A, B, Remember the Abel Show- Questions-AustinNewell09@hotmail.com
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