Misc Unsigned Bands - Juice - Peru chords

Verse 1
C Am F G C,Am,F G C Am F G C Me and you should go to peru and sail the ocean blue the water is warm for
Am,F G C Am F G C,Am,F you they'll be plenty of fishes to see while were in peru we'll eat out
C Am F G C,Am,F G C Am every night it'll be out of sight so you dont have to cook (is that
F G C,Am,F G C,Am,F G Calright?) while were in peru the dog can come too so strap on your shoes to
Am F G C Am F G Cyour feet we'll walk on the sandy beach while were in peru
Verse 2
C Am,F G C,Am,F C, Am, F You and i should fly to dhubai and see all the skyscrapers and read all the
C,Am,F G C, Am, F G C,Am,F Gnewspapers and see all the architecture and get a big lecture from the tour
C,Am,F G C,Am,F G C Am F guide im so inspired inside to build a building away from my house for when
G Gmy wife kicks me out
Verse 3
C Am F G C,Am,F G C,Am,F GYou and your man (thats me!) should go to amsterdam and make a great plan to
C, Am, F G C,Am,F G C,Am,Feat rusk and pannekoeken my god you look smokin'! and we'll go on some dates
G C Am F G C,Am,Fit will be beautiful like your face and we'll spend all our pops at those
G G G C Am F G wonderful coffee shops, wink wink wink wink
Solo (same chord progression) Bridge (same chord proggresion but on ukelele) we'll be gone in a blink and its so great to think that you'll be by my side to the day that i die while were in peru
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