Misc Unsigned Bands - Jasmine Ash - I Wished For You chords version 1

Verse 1:

B F#You with your lion heart I see
C#m EYou for all of the gifts I know that you’re giving
B F#And you with your looking glass so clean
C#m EWho’s got you spun out to sea, just spun out far from me
B F#m C#mI I-I-I wished for you
EFor you
EMy wish came true
Verse 2:
B F#Blew out the sky to find your way
C#m E But instead all the stars they glitter just to fade
B F# As I try to find out what you need
C#m E But you are spun out to sea, spun out just for me
Repeat Chorus x1 Bridge:
G#m B Even as our stars collide
E F#I can't see you at all (All)
G#m BAnd I'll wait 'til our stars align
E F# I'd love you that long (Love)
Ending: Repeat Chorus x3
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