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Look To The Rainbow
From "Finian's Rainbow" ca. 1947
Lyrics: E. Y. Harburg:  Music: Burton Lane

G Em G Em On the day I was born, said me father, said he,
G (G7) C (D7)"I've an elegant legacy waiting for ye.
D D7'tis a rhyme for your lips
Am7* D7 And a song for your heart
Am7 D7 C G To sing it whenever the world falls apart.
G Em D D7 GLook, look , look to the rainbow.
Em G C (Am7) D7 Follow it over the hill and the stream.
G Em D D7 G Look, look , look to the rainbow.
C G D7 G Follow a fellow who follows a dream.
C G D D7 G Follow a fellow, follow a fellow,
C G D7 GFollow a fellow who follows a dream.
G Em G Em 'Twas a sumptuos gift to bequeath to a child,
G (G7) C (D7) And the lure of that song kept me feet running wild,
D D7 Am7* D7 For you'll never grow old and you'll never stand still,
Am7 D7 C G With the whip-poor-will's song just beyond the next hill.
Chorus ...
G Em G Em So I bundled my heart and I roamed the world free,
G (G7) C (D7)To the east with the lark, to the west with the sea,
D D7 Am7* D7 And I searched all the hills and I scanned all the skies
Am7 D7 C GTill I found it at last in my own true love's eyes.
Chorus ... *This Am7 is 002010, not 002213. I'm not positive the one I use is called Am7.
You can get by with just G, C, D7, and Em (using C instead of Am7) if you insist that "less is more.
From: Genie (http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=29707)
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