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He's Gone:The Chantels.
#71 in 1957.

              (Capo 1st fret.)

Am7 F G7Gone, gone, gone, gone, oooooh..
G7 C Am F7 G7He's go...ne (he's gone)I don't know where,
C Am F7but he's go...ne (he's gone)..
G7 C AmI must have done something wro...ng,
F7 G7 C Am F7 G7he.e.e.e is go...ne....(he's gone.)
C Am F7 G7I'm sor...ry (he's gone) for what I've done,
C Am F7 G7 C Amto make you leeeeave me..darling, please, be..lieve me,
F7 G7 C F F7 C C7I'm sorry you're gone.
F7I'm sorry, darling, for what I have done..
C C7for you know in your heart that you're the only one.
F7I really love you with all my heart and soul..
D G7come back to me, and I'll never let you go.
C Am F7 G7I'm sor..ry (he's gone) for what I have done,
C Am F7 G7Be..li..eve me..you are the only one.
C Am F7 G7Dar...ling, I'm sorry you're..
C Am F7 G7 Cgone, gone, gone, gone, go....ne.
A fifties smash from Kraziekhat.
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