Misc Unsigned Bands - Youth For Christ - Grateful chords

Standard Tuning

By : Jueren Nabua / Alvin Morada

Intro: F#m - E - D (2x)

A/C#mYouíve given me this brand new day
Dto serve and follow You
A/C#mYou took my tears and made me smile
DYou lifted me up
A/C#mYou gave me all the reason Lord
Dto see things as gift from You
Bm F#mIíll go out and testify
D Eand shout to the world
A A/C#m DI will lift Your name on high
Bm E DIíll forever worship You
A A/C#m DIíll serve You with all of my heart
Bm F#mcoz You are my God,
D EIíll forever be Grateful
Bm AWhen trouble comes my way
F#m AYou are there to stay
Bm A Dand everything will be alright
Bm ANow I know is true
F#m Athat this love is You
Bm A Dand i will live each day and say
Chorus YFC ILOILO (OTON) ^_^
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