Misc Unsigned Bands - Blood On The Dance Floor - I Hope You Choke tab

I Hope You ChokeIntro (best Part)e--------------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------------|D---5--5--4--5--55--4--5--7--5--44-----------------------|A-77-77-77-77-77--55-55-55-55-55----10--10--14--10--1010-|E---------------------------------88--88--88--88--88-----|
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..Intro Continued...e----------------------------------------------------|after second time of playingB---------------------|------------------------------|G---------------------|------------------------------|D--------- 9 9 9 99999|------------------------------|A---9--9--101010109999|2-----------------------------|E-77-77-77------------|0-----------------------------| .. .. ..On this i was trying to make it look better by spacing out the 9'sand what not so it would be more readable...
Solo sorta thing :P. . . .e-17--15--13--------|B-------------17----|G-14--16--17--19----|D-------------------|A-------------------|E-------------------|either play both strings or play one and slide into every notecuz i think its played w/two guitars
note... .- under # means palm mute its easy once u know all of the tab and its played really slow bt funn to play really fast >:3 sorry fer not having the other stuff bt its power chords so improvize or figure the chords out...
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