Misc Unsigned Bands - Charlie Walker - Pick Me Up On Your Way Down chords

Standard Tuning

Capo 2nd

Verse 1:

EYou were mine for just a while
ANow you're puttin' on the style
BAnd you've never once looked back
A EAt your home across the track
You're the gossip of the town
ABut my heart can still be found
BWhere you tossed it on the ground
A EPick me up on your way down
Chorus: Pick me up on your way down
AWhen you're blue and all alone
BWhen their glamour starts to bore you
A ECome on back where you belong
You may be their pride and joy
ABut they'll find another toy
BThen they'll take away your crown
A EPick me up on your way down
Verse 2: They have changed your attitude
AMade you haughty and so rude
BYour new friends can take the blame
A EUnderneath you're still the same
When you've learned these things are true
AI'll be waiting here for you
BAs you tumble to the ground
A EPick me up on your way down
Repeat Chorus:
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