Misc Unsigned Bands - Joni James - My Last Date chords

My Last Date:Joni James.
#38 in 1960.

B E E BOne hour and I`ll be meeting you.
B E E BI know you`re gonna make me blue.
B EMy heart is tremblin` through and through.
B E B ECause I know very well..I can tell, I can tell,
B F# B F#this will be my last date, with you.
B E E BJust can`t believe that this could end.
B E E BI know I`ll never love again.
B EYou`ll ask me to be just a friend.
B E B EIt`s as plain as can be..I can see, I can see,
B F# B B7this will be my last date, with you.
E B E BI know we`ve had a quarrel, but all sweethearts do.
E B G# C#I gave my love to prove to you, that I would always
C#7 F# F#7 E Blove you, and be true.
B E E BI know you`ve met somebody new..
B E E BYou`ll tell me you and I are through.
B EMy plans and dreams cannot come true.
B E B EAnd when you say goodbye..I know I will cry..
B F# B E F# Bcause I`ll know, it`s my last date, with you.
A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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