Misc Unsigned Bands – Verona Riots - Safe chords

This song is from the first EP from Verona Riots entitled "Blue Room Beta". Check 
it out on www.facebook.com/veronariots or www.myspace.com/veronariots.

Check out their recent EP on ITUNES, "This Sunken Romance".

This song, "Safe", is great for an acoustic session. Enjoy!

Chords used:

D  - XX0232
G  - 320033
Bm - X24432
D* - X5777X / xx0232
Em - X7998X / 022000

D             G         Bm     x2

D G Bm We grew up on carousels wishing
D G Bm We could be as bold as the clouds
D G Bm Making all those simple mistakes and then, Shifting our
D G Bm shapes before we were found out
D* Em BmYou, you're safe
D* Em BmYeah you, oh you save me
Oh, it's the perfect light for a photgraph We'll place a simple frame around today Hoard it in our attic space Tracing all our fingers in the dusk... Oh in the dusk! Middle 8:
A G BmHave your colours all run
A G BmSince our July memento
A G BmYou stood on your head with your feet up on parade
A G BmUp on parade!
You, you're safe Yeah you, oh you save me, oh... Oh and every time you were sure and safe Every time oh you save me, oh... (Making all those simple mistakes
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