Misc Unsigned Bands – How I Met Your Mother - Marshalls Songs And Photo Montages chords

Artist: Misc Unsingned BandsSong: How I Met Your Mother - Marshalls Songs and Photo Montages (S05 E04)tabbed by: necriononguitare-mail (NO SPAM!): tim.rathgen@gmx.de
REAL FANS SUPPORT BANDS BY PURCHASING THEIR CD'S!!! Tuning: Standard (all) . = Palm-Muted ~ = hold note ^ = vibrate p = pull off h = hammer on / = slide up \ = slide down So these are songs Marshalls sings and plays in one the episodes of HIMYM (S05 E04), theyre hilarious and very nice to play ;D so enjoy!
Chords: 1 2 3 G D Em D/F# A E D* Bm G D F#mE----3---2---0---x-------0---0---0------2---3---2---2----------|B----3---3---0---3-------2---0---3------3---3---3---2----------|G----0---2---0---2-------2---1---2------4---4---2---2----------|D----0---0---2---0-------2---2---0------4---5---0---4----------|A----2-------2---0-------0---2----------2---5-------4----------|E----3-------0---2-----------0--------------3-------2----------|
1 "Order Chinese Food"
G DOrdered chinese food today
G DSome mushroompork-souce got away
Em D/F# G G Flip the cushion now everythings okay
2 "Cat-Sittin' For Lilys Mom"
A ECat-Sittin' for Lilys mom
D* ACat-Sittin' for Lilys mom
D*It's gonna be fun
E AIt's gonna bring us all closer together
3 "Cat Funeral"
Bm G Bm G Cat funeral cat funeral
D F#m It was an accident
D F#m Bm and not entirely my fault
G Bm GCat funeral cat funeral
D F#m D F#m Bm (We'll miss you, Whiskers!)
and that's it! I hope this helped, please rate, comment and correct me! Cheers...
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