Misc Unsigned Bands – Val Emmich - The Only One Lonely chords

ARTIST: Val Emmich
SONG: The Only One Lonely
ALBUM: Sunlight Searchparty
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The timing for each exact chord switch may not be exact but generally from what 
I've seen this is how he plays it.

INTRO with piano playing under guitar
C  F  Am  F  G


Am C F Am see you're rotting again my friend
C F G seems that nothing you do ever ends
Am F G up the way you hoped it would
Am F and that's well understood
Am C F Am at the picnic we're all just ants
C F G each with a long list of plans
Am F G til that giant foot hits the ground
Am F G and squashes us down
C F Am F Gyou_____are not the only one lonely
C F Am F Gyou_____are not the only one lonely
SAME AS VERSE 1 so we walk to our favorite bar watch the black haired girl play guitar strumming the saddest songs I've heard think I'm falling for her cuz I only want a connection someone who shares my lack of direction so I watch PT Anderson and I feel better again CHORUS BRIDGE E F C G (repeats) SAME AS VERSE 1 & 2 there's a boy on a city street does his best to hide his grief so he keeps a diary that he'll let nobody read repeat CHORUS
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