Misc Unsigned Bands – Josh Nelson - Ldor Vador chords

G D/F#We are gifts and we are blessings,
Em7 G C9we are history in song
G D/F#We are hope and we are healing,
Em7 G C9we are learning to be strong
Em7 Bm7We are words and we are stories,
C9 Dsus Gwe are pictures of the past
Em7 Bm7We are carriers of wisdom,
Am7 Bm7 C9 Dsus Dnot the first and not the last
G C9 G DL'dor vador nagid godlecha
G C9 DL'dor vador... we protect this chain
G C9 G DFrom generation to generation
Em7 G C9 D G D/F# L'dor vador, these lips will praise Your name
Em7 G D
G D/F#Looking back on the journey
Em7 G C9that we carry in our heart
G D/F#From the shadow of the mountain
Em7 G C9to the waters that would part
Em7 Bm7We are blessed and we are holy,
C9 Dsus Dwe are children of Your way
Em7 Bm7And the words that bring us meaning,
Am7 Bm7 C9 Dsus Dwe will have the strength to say
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