Misc Unsigned Bands – Club 8 - Love In December tab


INTRO: Bm Ge|-------5~-----------|B|-----3-----------3--|G|---------------0-4--| 2x tapos.. Bm--A--;(3x) D|---4---------0------|A|-2------------------|E|-----------3--------|
VERSE: Bm A So this is love in the end of december Bm Quiet nights A Quiet stars Bm A Bm A And I'm here Monday to Sunday 'cause you're fragile and I'm weak Fill in: Bm--A--; (2x) Bm A So you fall when the nights grow longer Bm Into sleep A You won't wake up Bm A Bm A Bm A And I'm here I'm sitting beside you and I'll wait until the spring CHORUS: Bm Don't you worry A G I'll be there for you Em Bm Don't worry about me A G You know me better than that Em Bm Don't you worry A G Em I'll be there for you Bm A G Em I'll catch you if you would fall etc.. NITRAM 06-23-10 10:21 PM
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