Misc Unsigned Bands – Shane Harper - Just Friends tab

                         JUST FRIENDS - Shane Harper
Tabbed by: j24mew
email: j24mew@yahoo.com
Tuning: Standard

Intro and verse:e|---------------------------------|B|----------2---3---------2---0----|G|--------2-----2-------2-----1----| Repeat til chorusD|------4-------------2------------|A|----4-------------0--------------|E|---------------------------------| F#m D A E
I'll wait for you to give me a sign you tire me I have 'em certainty I thought how you feel, how your heart works I just need to know for sure Chorus(strum): F#m D A E If I ask you out, would you smile and say yes? F#m D A E If I hold your hand, would tell all your friends? F#m D A E F#m D If I sing you a song, would you ask me to sing it again? (return to plucking) A E or maybe we should just be friends. or maybe we should just be friends. 2nd verse: (pluck) There are so many things that I want to know What do you love, what do you hate, what makes you strong, what makes you break what makes you laugh, what makes you cry I need to know why..... I need to know Repeat chorus
Bridge:e|---------------------------------------------------|B|----------2--------3--3-----------2--------0--0----|G|--------2--------2----2---------2--------1----1----| repeat til chorusD|------4--------0--------------2--------2-----------|A|----4--------0--------------0--------2-------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
Baby I'm the one for you and Baby you're the one for me Maybe we were meant to be together forever Baby I'm the one for you and Baby you're the one for me Maybe we were meant to be together forever Repeat chorus
ending (the last "or maybe we should just be friends" in the chorus)e|--------------------------------------------|B|----------2--------3--3------------2---1----|G|--------2--------2----2----------2-----0----|D|------4--------0---------------2------------|A|----4--------0---------------0--------------|E|--------------------------------------------|
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