Misc Unsigned Bands – Waypoint - Holding You chords


First Chorus And First Verse Are Palm Muted

   Em         D         C         G

Intro / Chorus:
Em D C I wanna hold you like I told you till your heart falls down,
Em D C Em D G Till your heart falls down, hits the ground fallin down.
Break: Em D C Em D C Verse 1:
Em D C Em Things have changed and you said that there would be no other way
D C Em D C Em for you and me, But I dont wanna be like this no not when were together
D C Forever
Chorus Break: Em D C Em D C Verse 2:
Em D C Em D C If you had to go then go I wont let you know that I love you
Em D C Em D And if i say i miss you, then in other words i wanna kiss you todaaaay
C Don't go away
Chorus Chorus with single strum Chorus
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