Misc Unsigned Bands - Maggie Pierce And Ej - Michael tab

The chords are played like this: G D Ame|-----------------------| e|-----------------------| e|----------------------|B|-----------------------| B|-----------------------| B|----1----1----1----1--|G|----0---0-----0---0----| G|-----2---2-----2---2---| G|----------------------|D|-----------------------| D|--0---------0----------| D|--2---------2---------|A|------2---------2------| A|-------0---------0-----| A|------0---------0-----|E|--3--------3-----------| E|-----------------------| E|----------------------|
G D Michael let me show you something cool G D Michael let me show you something cool Am Ill teach you how to love G You wont learn that in school D G Michael let me show you something cool ----- and each verse goes like this. Quite simple. Enjoy!
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