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Set Up Apparatus
Porn On Vinyl
I Spent the Night Thinking, With Short Periods of Sleep, Interrupted By Visions
Tabbed by: Chris Leisz
Email: laywithme.inthefield@gmail.com

Tuning: Standard

Guitar onee|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-(2--2222-2--2222)--------------------------------------------------------|G|--6--6666-6--6666-1--1111-1--1111-----------------------------------------|D|--3-3333--3-3333--1-1111--1-1111------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Guitar twoe|--9-8-9-8-9-8-9-8---------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------8-6-8-6-8-6-11-10----------------------------------------|D|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------|
"Porn On Vinyl is 17 year old Dubliner Aidan Wall, he records great lofi folk songs in bedroom." Here is where you can download his album (http://wefuckinglovemusic.blogspot.com/search?q=porn+on+vinyl) ************************************ LYRICs Tree sap on my hands means things are dying two by two. when my body mails me ... right on through and through. We talked with our legs in the sea. ... water evaporated ... The clouds tonight are ... in the sky. Wafting slowly searching for a place to die. ... has devised the sky in two. Day pushing on the night, pushing through. (If anyone could help me with the lyrics, thats what I got, and thats not even 100% accurate.) ************************************
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