Misc Unsigned Bands - Lou Fellingham - Down Into Darkness chords

This is the first time I have done this, hope it works.

Do it in either Capo 5(C)or Capo 3(A).
If you were playing along with the song it's on capo 1 but
for me this is a little to low.
The G chord and the B/F# in the verses is more a bassy 
thump than the whole chord.
I have led this one during worship and it was great.
Great worship time with the holy, holy's and the worthy, worthy's.
Hope you enjoy.

Verse 1:
G Down into darkness His body had been laid
B/F# ALifeless and broken a sacrifice was made
G What can be done when our hope is in the grave
D AWho will save us now?
Verse 2
G He who had come, as the truth, the life, the way
B/F# ANailed to a cross, God forsaken and betrayed
G But His blood spilled for all to redeem the world He made
D AJesus saves us now
Bm G See the Lamb of God, risen from the dead
D EmSeated on the throne, His reign will never end
Bm GHail Him King of love, Jesus Christ the Lord
D EmThe champion of hearts, who lives forevermore
D2/F# G Bm D2/F# EmWhere everything cries Holy, Holy, Holy - is our God
D2/F# G Bm D2/F# Em // // worthy, worthy, worthy - is our God (Fin)
Verse 3
GGod shook the earth as His power was displayed
B/F# ADeath put to death as Jesus Christ was raised
GGod is alive and His Spirit lives in us
D AHallelu - hallelujah
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