Misc Unsigned Bands – The Dixiebelles - Down At Papa Joes chords

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Down At Papa Joe's:The Dixiebelles.
#9 in 1963.


CSay, there's a place in New Orleans,
Dthat serves fried chicken with turnip greens.
GCrawfish bisque that treats you right,
Cand Papa Joe plays there every night.
CA little dark haired cutie says, 'Step right in,'
Dand you can bet a whole dollar she'd be your friend.
G CEverybody there has a comical time..down at Papa Joe's.
CPapa Joe's got a swinging band,
Dyou can rock and roll to Dixieland.
GThe customers know it's the place to go..
Cdown at Papa Joe's.
CA little waitress comes to set you down,
Dshe's got the best frog legs in town.
GThere's a welcome sign hanging on the door,
C Gso don't you be afraid to ask for more.
C DNow the only time Joe closes at night, is when
the po-lice comes and turns out the light.
GThey get a little mad but they don't fight..
Cdown at Papa Joe's.
CIt's thicker than fleas on a monkey's back,
Dbut the folks down there, they like it like that.
GThey live it up and they all come back..
Cdown at Papa Joe's.
(OUTRO:PIANO:) A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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