Misc Unsigned Bands - Lauren Oconnell - White Noise tab

RIFF 1 (fingerpick between the two notes in each position)e|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------------------------------------|D|---2---4---5---4----------------------------------|A|---3---5---7---5----------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
RIFF 2 (fingerpick between the two notes in each position)e|------------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------------|D|--10--7---9---5--7---4--0h4p0-0h4p0-0h4p0-0h4p0-------|A|--12--9--10---7--9---5--5-----------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------|
G G I'm taking syllables that I want to lose meaning G And painting them in white up on the ceiling Cadd9* To swim around the air while I am sleeping RIFF 1 C And in the morning they'll G Be a little bit blurrier. G And one morning I'll be squinting from my bed G To make out the letters overhead C But they've blurred into a cloud up there instead RIFF 1 C G And I'm inviting you to be white paint RIFF 1 C G D I'm inviting you to be white paint. CHORUS D C Where do you send things to C G When your heart ain't got no room? G D 'Cos I'm set on banishing D C My undying love C G Unwavering favor of C D G G All the wrong things. RIFF 1 G RIFF 1 G G Those syllables will sound against my skull G To echo and overlap until they're dull C To blend in with the hum inside the walls RIFF 1 C G And I'm inviting you to be white noise RIFF 1 C G I'm inviting you to be white noise. CHORUS Where do you send things to When your heart ain't got no room? 'Cos I'm set on banishing My undying love Unwavering favor of All the wrong things. (Repeat chorus chords) D RIFF 2 G And I'd like to know how difficult is it G To recreate established laws of physics C To dwell inside the confines of a minute RIFF 1 C G Where everything just drones, null and void RIFF 1 C G And in that instant you are just white noise. *All Cs are actually Cadd9. But who wants to type THAT out? --------
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