Misc Unsigned Bands – Rucka Rucka Ali - Go Cops chords

Bb C DmI walk up to the police in Detroit ci-ty
Bb C DmAnd I'm Like, Excuse Me Officer - I’m trying to find some weed.
Bb C DmAnd He's Like, Sh** so are we, Why don't you roll with me?
Bb C DmWe're gonna go around pulling over some min-or-i-ties
BbI’m talking - pedicure on our toes, toes
C DmGet up in the police ride, ride
Bb Crack a 40oz inside, 'cide
Bb Nigga we be getting high
C DmMe and the cops rollin round going 60
BbWhen we see a trick @$$ b!t** We gonna tell a hoe to drop Them
titties [CHORUS]
Bb Go Cops, Get The Dogs,
C DmLet's Go F**k with old folks
Bb That's Right, Let's Get High
C DmAnd Pull over black guys.
BbGet buzzed, smoke some drugs.
C DmB!t** i'm rollin with the fuzz now
GmPo po po po
CPo po po po
BbThey Pull me over
Gmand they're like
Dmyo my bad, I thought you were a black guy
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