Misc Unsigned Bands – James Wilson - Run To You chords

Written by James Wilson 2010 
Capo 4
Run to You

Verse 1

G CsusThere was a time, that I believed love was just easy
G CsusSomething you find if you're stupid and blind without care
G CsusBut love isn't love without living your life for another
G CsusAnd spending eternity wishing you'd always been there
Pre Chorus
DsusNow I know the secret, I know I believe and
CsusI realise now it's all true
DsusWhen they told me you loved me, and suffered there for me
Csus DI raise up my hands, praising you
G CsusNow I run to you, lift my eyes to you
am dAs I fall into, your grace
G CsusWhen I slip and fall, you will hear my call
am DI'll hold strong to your, merciful, glorious, beautiful, love...
Csuswith light on my face from above
Glight on my face from above
Verse 2 Blackened my beating heart, nothing but fear, imperfection Weakness surrounds me while, sin is just desperate to reign Cling to your words, then I fly, spread my wings like an eagle Cleansed by the powerful blood from the cross once again Pre Chorus then Chorus Fill in Verse 3
CsusLord I know nothing, that ever has been made
GIs worthy, is worthy, is worthy of you
Csusand Lord now I pray, on this path I'll stay
Gto serve you, to serve you, to serve you right through x 4 (getting louder)
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