Misc Unsigned Bands – Lauren Oconnell - 1988 tab


Capo 2

RIFF 1 (built on A chord):

A F#m e|-o----------------------------2---------------|B|-2----------------------------2---------------|G|-2--4p2-----------------------2---------------|D|-2-------4p2------------------4---------------|A|-o-----------4p0-0-4-4-2-4-0--4---------------|E|-x----------------------------2--0h2-0h2------|
A F#m e|-o-----------------------------2--------------|B|-2-----------------------------2--------------|G|-2--4p2------------------------2--------------|D|-2-------4p2-------------------4--------------|A|-o------------4p0-0-4-4-2-4-0--4--------------|E|-x-----------------------------2--0h2-0h2-----|
INTRO A (RIFF 1) F#m E VERSE A There are four whole people in this house A F#m And I'm the last one awake again A And tomorrow we'll be biting nails A E And biting tongues to higher stakes again D And I'm thinking if I just don't sleep A The morning won't sneak up on me D E As just another yesterday again CHORUS D E But I was brilliant for just one day A F#m In 1988 D I didn't have to talk, I didn't have to think E They flushed my sins right down a sink A F#m Ten fingers and ten toes, and you're okay F#m E I think that's what they say E Well how about today? A (RIFF 1) F#m VERSE I think the world has got my number Oh my God, there's digits in my eyes I think that I've been dancing 'round The brightest rooms in a cellophane disguise Everybody still remembers Things that I said last September Oh, but worst of all, so do I CHORUS But I was a stranger for just one day Born with the cleanest slate My mother loved me before she knew me Gave me a name that didn't suit me But hey that's okay I've kept it anyway What if I threw it away? VERSE And to me God's just a metaphor A metaphor for everything that's strange I take his name in vain a lot But I'm not sure just what that means these days Sometimes I wish that I were still religious Along with a lot of other wishes But I don't think that God would know my name CHORUS But I was forgiven for just one day When I still knew how to pray And all the words were etched in gold On the little Bible that I stole From my teacher in second grade The one I didn't mean to take Oh what would Jesus say? CHORUS D E Things were perfect for a time F#m A In 1999 D I was eleven years old, and we drove south E Yeah, down to my grandfather's house A F#m And everything was fine F#m E It was right before he died E We were all so goddamn fine A (RIFF 1) F#m E We were all so goddamn fine. A (RIFF 1) A ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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