Misc Unsigned Bands – Lauren Oconnell - Oncoming Traffic chords

Left handed

Capo 3

RIFF (Built on D chord) D Ge|--2----------------------3-------------------------------|B|--3--------3-------------3-------------------------------|G|--2---------------2------0-------------------------------|D|--0--0h4-----------------0-------------------------------|A|--x----------0h4------0--2-------------------------------|E|--x----------------------3-------------------------------|
DThe devil owns a hill in my town
GPulls you fast as you're riding down
Bm DAnd at the bottom there's a cop in a church parking lot
DI got stopped and wondered why
GMy surroundings can't choose sides
Bm ABut I can't rightly get mad 'cos neither can I
BmNeither can I
DI can't choose sides
D (RIFF) G x2
DLately I've been getting bruised
GBy love I can't afford to lose
Bm DAnd I can't say that I like it, but what else am I supposed to do?
DI've learned this trick, you hand me a noose
GAnd I will craft you an excuse
Bm AAnd I'll deliver it direct to the tip of your tongue
BmIn place of "I'm sorry"
A"I'm sorry"
DLet's not say it if nobody is
D (RIFF) G x4 Bm A G G
DDriving last week we nearly died
GAnd nothing flashed before my eyes
Bm ABut I think I spilled something on your leather seats
BmAnd I'm sorry about that
GI'm sorry about that
DI'll pay for it.
D (RIFF) G -----------------------------------------------------------------
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