Misc Unsigned Bands – Lauren Oconnell - The Pilot chords


F Am C Em
F Am C Em
F Am C C G G

CIt was early spring above Lyon
EmThe lights like prayers all scattered and thrown
AmAnd whipping by your ears
CTo something bigger
CPast deadly aims from the Krauts' elite
EmThe wife at home with a rosary
AmA heavenly voice
C C/B*A crosshair to a trigger
F Am C EmDidn't know what he told those stories for
F Am C EmAbout the only blind pilot in the second great war
F Am C C G GAnd when he reached the end, he'd say "that man was me"
F Am C EmHe claimed that he was guided by
F Am C EmA Kamikaze man who never wanted to die
F Am C C G GSo he sought redemption as a ghost in a righteous ear
Am F G CCan you hear, can you hear, can you hear, it's loud and clear
C I dare not speak of the hand of God But he took more fire than a lightning rod And escaped unscathed Just readymade for battle His fate was sealed with medals and fame But at 4 o'clock lurked a foe untamed And his comrade spoke As the engine began to rattle My friend you fly alone tonight For I'm being called by a great white light One that's far too pure for living eyes But he claimed he saw that light as well As clear as a gun, and as sharp as a bell And he crashed real soft in a field north of Bordeaux Going home, going home, going home, don't send me home (Inst. Bridge:) F Am C Em F Am C Em F Am C C G G F Am C Em F Am C Em F Am C C G G He stumbled out with his broken soul And he broke his leg in a rabbit hole That snuck up quick On idle eyes and a heavy heart They found him there after three long days A farmer was tending to a bail of hay And the pilot cried 'Cos he was afraid of the dark ---------------- *Not really a C/B technically, I just don't know what else to call it. I'm really playing this:
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