Misc Unsigned Bands – Lauren Oconnell - Chicken Wire tab


Capo 4

1) Some of the chord changes are way faster than others.  
I didn't really know how to express that, so you'll just have to listen.
2) Here's what I'm playing in the first couple lines of each verse.  
If you're not interested in the particulars, you can just play the A and D chords straight up.

A Riff: 

(Probably can't play this bit unless you barre the A chord 
with your first finger and keep it there through the whole riff)

D Riff: (Hold entire D chord and hit notes with pinky)
A Riff D Riff Darlin' I been nothing but just tired A Riff D Riff Bound up wrists rubber bands and chicken wire F#m D C#m A E You have no idea F#m D C#m E You have no idea D A D C#m Bm E A 'Cos all you know is all I let you know Spare me please these notes all paper teeth Spare me please these subtle digs beneath I have no idea I have no idea All I know is all you let me know
A ? Ee|---------------------------------------------0---------0---|B|-2-------------------------------------------2---------0---|G|-2-------------------------------------------2---------1---|D|-2--------2h4p2------2----2----2----2----2---2---------2---|A|-0--2--4----------0h4--0h4--0h4--0h4--0h4----2---------2---|E|-x-------------------------------------------x---------0---|
D It's strange how all this apathy A Is all starting to get to me E The irony is killing me E The irony is ripping me D A part of it is how I know A About toils tearing to and fro E And I'm seeing them, I'm dodging them E F#m But all I see is all I'm missing out You did it then you tried to show me How but I got vertigo And now I'm trying not to choke On hopes that turned out made of smoke And I hate when other people sleep It's like they're all laughing at me All breathing slow and deep you know And then I'm stuck there quiet and alone F#m D C#m A E You have no idea F#m D C#m E You have no idea D A D C#m Bm E A All I need is all that no one knows D A D C#m Bm E A All I need is all that no one knows D A D C#m Bm E A All I need is all that no one knows
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