Misc Unsigned Bands – Camp Carefree - Camp Carefree Song chords

To the tune of "That's what friends are for"

E Abm C#m And if, you should ever need a place
D BWhere you can find a real good friend
E AbmAnd play out in the open air
C#m BThen come join me at camp carefree
E Abm C#mWe laugh, and we learn to just be free
D BIt's the best place you can be
E AbmIf you want to have a good time
C#m BIt's all right here to discover..
E AbmI'm smiling, I'm shining
C#m B E AbmKnowing you can always count on me, to be
C#m BHappy and carefree
E AbmThe good friends, we make here
C#m D Abm Will stay in our hearts forever more
BThat's what friends are for.
D B EThat's what friends are for..
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