Misc Unsigned Bands – Hello Gumption - Spinning As We Go chords

This, as you may know, is the catchy tune from the Excel gum commercial starring the
Coffee Cup, Onion and Donut. I have been looking everywhere for the chords for months now
eventually thought I'd try a long-shot -- emailing the band themselves on MySpace. Well 
do you know, I got a reply from Brendan himself! In addition to being an amazing
he's a really nice, down-to-earth guy! Must be because he's Canadian ;)

Anyways, enjoy, and hit them up on MySpace if you love this song as much as I do and let
know how you feel :)

Hello Gumption on MySpace

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Hello Gumption - Spinning As We Go
David Arcus & Brendan Quinn
Released: Apr 28, 2009
Copyright 2009 Hello Gumption

Db, Gbmaj7Can't shake this feeling
Db, Gbmaj7It won't let go
Db, Gbmaj7, DbWe're headed into parts unknown
Ebmin, DbWhoa....spinning as we go
VERSE 2 Night sky above us Stars all aglow Illuminate the world below Whoa....spinning as they go BRIDGE
GbThere's no need to take it slow
DbI've a feeling we could go all the way
Abmin, BThough the path is overgrown
Ebmin, AbWe've got stars to guide us home it's okay
Ebmin, Ab, Ebmin, AbOooooh
VERSE 3 Keep holding tightly And don't let go As we head into parts unknown
Ebmin, GbWhoa....Whoa....X 2
Ebm, DbWhoa....spinning as we go
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