Misc Unsigned Bands - Walk This Off - The Goodnight Anthem chords

Walk This Off

Intro: G, D, C, D(4x)

G GVerse1: With this cold air biting all around, well Im in position just to
G Gfall back down. Oh I know that youve got your doubts in me. But in the mean time...
Em CPreChorus: Ill walk this off and you can talk the talk.
D(Without) without these thoughts, well we might as well be mindless.
Em C DI can dream in my sleep, but i wont sleep on my dreams(sleep on my dreams).
G D C DChorus: I walk with the city by my side tonight.
G D C DMe alone and things seem to feel alright.
G D C DI know I'll be waking on the cold floor.
C D GI can't go through this routine anymore.
G G Verse2: So with the people you know and the things that youll show, well
G is it right to keep your heart a secret?
G Have you loved, have you taken the time?
GWheres the substance in you? Cause Ive got mine.
PreChorus Chorus(2x)
G Bridge: Take it all back to the start.
DDo you know we can change this world one heart at a time?
GAt a time when I'm losing my mind.
DWheres the substance in you? Cause Ive got mine.
Chorus(2x) Outro: C, D, G
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