Misc Unsigned Bands - Glenn Case - Spineless chords

G5 B5I can't stand up straight, but I'm no slouch
F5 E7I just can't get off of this couch
Am DTo start a conversation with you
Am DIn my imagination we're through
G5 B5Way before we start, I'm made of tin
F5 E7And, I don't have the spine or heart
Am DTo bravely go where this man can't go
Am DI heat up like a burning candle
G5 F5 E All my friends just laugh
C5 D5 CThey don't understand
Eb B E5They think that it's an act
A5It happens all the time
E5 They ask me what it's like
A5To live without a spine
AmIt's paralyzing fear
DThat isn't in my mind
G5 What you think is a lack of confidence
AIs nothing like that
AI'm being honest
B7It's the bones in my back
B7They disappear
Em A7But, only when you're in the room
AmOr at least
Am Bm C D G5That's what I've come to assume
(1st Verse Chords) Time goes by, I'd say about a week And Ive' been fine to think and speak But, then I see you at the door I feel my body hit the floor Stuck here once again with no support I try to move, but I fall short I'm lucky that this sofa held me 'Cause all my limbs have turned to jelly (Repeat Bridge) (Repeat Chorus x2) (At the second repeat of the chorus)
AmOr at least
Am Bm C D That's what I've come to assume
Am Bm C DAnd the smell of your perfume
Am Bm C D G5It happens when you're in the room
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