Misc Unsigned Bands - Todd Wolf - Tidepool Of The Heart chords

Chords: A4 (Alternate adding/ removing 9 as desired), C7 (Inversion: Both E strings 
3rd fret to make them G's (Hint: Pinky on the High E)), C, D, Em, G, Amin7, A Clash (Play 
fingering for A, but up one fret and add pinky to top E string same fret)

Intro:   A4   C7Inv   A4

  A4                                     C7Inv

Arranging a golden tableau of tarnished memories.

  A4                    C

The flow of time ebbs slowly

           D             Em               A4

As I fade away into the darkness of your past.

  A4                            C7Inv

Filling ev'ry hour with petty remembrances,

              D                            Em

Hoping I can find the wholeness I've been searching for.

  A4                                    C7Inv

And yet the rising moon provides me no solace,


Instead it breaks my soul.

            D                         Em

You wonder how I can go walking ever stronger?

                AClash                      A4

Well I've got a secret... It's all just a ruse.

Guitar Break: A4   G   D   Em   AClash   A4

           G           Amin7          D

And now I find myself trying just to find

           C                                     A4

A simple solution; to flood the tidepool of the heart...

           C                                     A4

A simple solution; to flood the tidepool of my heart.

A4 (Until satisfied)
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