Misc Unsigned Bands - Permission To Enter - Give Me A Chance chords

Intro: E-B-A-B x2

Verse 1: 
E B Something happens in my life
A BWhen We Broke Up
E B A B I can't sleep all night just thinking of you
C#m A BI don't know what to do
EOh my love
B A C#m BI can't endure the pain that bothers in my heart
EOh my love
BI know that it's my fault
A C#m BSo please give me a chance to talk about this.
Verse 2:
E B Everything is nothing without you
A BI tried to be perfect but nothing happened
E B I can't live without you
A BSo please come back to me
C#m A BI'm here for you forever.
(Repeat Chorus) Bridge:
G#m A Where are you now?
G#m A Where did you go?
F#m B I miss you like crazy
F#m B A I'm searching for you but nothing to find.
G#m A B So where are you now my love?
Instrumental: E-B-A-B x2
A-B x2(Repeat Chorus)
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