Misc Unsigned Bands - Caitlin Dull - The Outside chords

Music and Lyrics By Caitlin Dull
The Outside
Tuning: Capo on Fourth Fret
Strumming Pattern: D D D U D U D D
86 BPM (Andante)
Time Signature: 4/4

Alternate Tuning:
Capo on 4th-Standard
Em- G#m (A flat minor)

Intro: C Am F G

C AmI'm here,
F Gbut it feels like no one sees me.
C AmAnd most of the time,
F Gmusic's all I find.
F G Em AmBut you pass me by and I swear you can see
F G Em Amthat there is a light shinin' bright in me.
F G (hold)But you'll never know, cause:
CYou don't know what it's like
Amto be there waitin' on The Outside,
F Ghopelessly watchin' you.
CAnd you can't see inside me
AmAll the hurt that's really there
F G (hold)cause I'm wantin' you
from here on The Outside. C Am F G
C AmThey all pass me by,
F G but you stop to listen. Baby,
C Amplease tell me why
F Gthey're not all like you.
F G Em AmCause I know you see there's a light in me.
F GI'm gonna let it show
Em Amthough I know you'll never know.
G (hold)Cause:
(Repeat Chorus)
Em Em AmFrom The Outside it's not really fair!
F I know you see me,
F G (hold)but baby, are you there?
(Repeat Chorus) C Am F G
CYou'll never know,
Amoh, you'll never know,
F Gyou'll never know I'm here
Con The Outside,
AmThe Outside.
F GYou'll never see me here
C (hold)on The Outside
Copyright 2010 Caitlin B. Dull All Rights Reserved
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