Misc Unsigned Bands - Eddplant - Girl Cant Dance chords

Intro - C

CThey say
a girl can get her guy with moves so smooth
Amand a body to match
CIn a skin-tight dress
on the dance floor is where she'll find
Ga perfect catch
FThey say
G that anyone can dance
F Git's just a matter of moving your body to the beat
Am GBut I saw a girl
Fon the floor tonight
Gwith more than two left feet
and I said
C G EThat girl can't dance
Fshe's just embarrassing herself
Look at her friends,
Gthey're slowly edging away, because
C G EThat girl can't dance
Fand I think someone should tell her
Gbut I won't tell her
C-G Am E F-
CI'm going into town tonight
Just want to hit some bars
Amand have a good time
CAnd if I find the motivation
I might leave my fear of
Gdancing behind
F GAnd if I see that girl again
Fwell maybe I'll think twice
Because if I remember rightly
Gshe seemed like she'd be quite nice to talk to
Am G Fbut maybe we'll just stay away from the dancefloor tonight
GCos I've got these friends with me, they're a bit judgemental right
and I don't want them to hurt your feelings -Chorus-
ESo I edged up to her, all quiet like,
Amwhen she was standing at the bar
and I said,
C G F"Hey, didn't I see you here the other week?"
and she said,
G"Oh yeah, I remember you,
C G Fyou're the one they were talking about."
G"Yeah? What were they talking about?"
"Well, they said, 'That boy can't dance he's just embarrassing himself What, does he think that thing he's doing with his hands looks cool? That boy can't dance maybe someone should tell the fool,' so I guess I just told you..." Shit. C-G-Am-E F G C-G-Am-E F
C G EThat girl can't dance
but sod it, neither can I
FBut I really like this tune
Gso I'm gonna do my best
C G EThat girl can't dance
Fbut it don't stop her from dancing
Gand it won't stop me from dancing
C G F Will it stop you from dancing
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