Misc Unsigned Bands - Lauren Oconnell - Oncoming Traffic chords version 2

Capo 3

Standard Tuning

RIFF (Built on D chord)

    D                    G

INTRO D (RIFF) G x2 D The devil owns a hill in my town G Pulls you fast as you're riding down Bm D And at the bottom there's a cop in a church parking lot D I got stopped and wondered why G My surroundings can't choose sides Bm A But I can't rightly get mad 'cos neither can I Bm Neither can I G I... D I can't choose sides D (RIFF) G x2 D Lately I've been getting bruised G By love I can't afford to lose Bm D And I can't say that I like it, but what else am I supposed to do? D I've learned this trick, you hand me a noose G And I will craft you an excuse Bm A And I'll deliver it direct to the tip of your tongue Bm In place of "I'm sorry" A "I'm sorry" D Let's not say it if nobody is D (RIFF) G x4 Bm A G G D Driving last week we nearly died G And nothing flashed before my eyes Bm A But I think I spilled something on your leather seats Bm And I'm sorry about that G I'm sorry about that D I'll pay for it. D (RIFF) G
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