Misc Unsigned Bands – Hop Along Queen Alnsleis - Bruno Is Orange chords

G C C2 AmBruno, what did you tell that man?
Am4 Dm aug4 He's a clever man, did you know? I bet he works for the government.
G C C2And I know you know I know I can't control
Am Am Dm aug4Thoughts of things I need, and I believe everybody needs some encouragement.
GI think it's real unfair that you should put him there
CAll we did was kiss, on my grave I swear
Am Am4Where did you find his shoes? A lock of my hair?
DmAll we did was kiss, on my grave I swear
G C C2 AmSome dull morning, we were wearing sheets,
Am4 Dm aug4 and you whispered, "I think that they know better than me."
G C C2 AmSee this hand that pushed you into the creek?
Am4 Dm aug4 I'm sorry, was just fun, and you were laughing,
Gwe ran right into the street.
C C2 AmAnd I wrote my name into the fresh-painted yellow line,
Am4 Dm aug4 Gand you wrote your name right there next to mine.
CWe had to dodge a truck, he almost hit a buck
AmI think we had some luck, and for two bucks
Dmwe bought some bread and fed the grey geese and the ducks.
GEveryone will come, everyone will yell
CI'd thank you just the same if you didn't tell
Am Am4My mother says that I will surely go to Hell
DmPlease be a good man, please say you won't tell
G C C2 Am Am4Did you know that that boy is an armed man?
Dm aug4 G C C2 Am Am4Bearing flowers in two hands, very able to hold me down
Dm aug4and love me more than anyone.
G C C2 AmBruno, what happened to your good sense?
Am4 Dm aug4 GI broke down, that man's good. I bet he works for the government.
C C2 AmDid you hear about that mother who broke her daughter's legs in two?
Am4 Dm aug4 Said, "It's too dangerous out there to walk, so I had to save you!" ...
G C C2 Am Am4 Dm aug4Bruno, did you know that the Greeks in the morning would eat oranges?
G C C2 Am They were firm believers in fruit curing fevers, and I agree.
Am4 Dm aug4 GSee, they believed that an orange warms the stomach.
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