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Fonky Farm


Gitaar: Feedback.

Bas: something like:

Refrein: Like a roll........ Deze akkoorden:
D E Gm Am Gm|--------------------------------3---------5-----3--||----15-------17-----------------3---------5-----3--||----14-------16-----------------3---------5-----3--||----12-------14-----------------5---------7-----5--||--------------------------------5---------7-----5--||--------------------------------3---------7-----3--|
B A E I wonder, I wonder, I wonder Break: A A Bb B Couplet Refrein I wonder...... Break Tijdens Synth geluid: |: A B :| D E G Im begining to be…… Refrein Tijdens Sax solo: Bas:
Tijdens orgel solo: Bas couplet Kort couplet en refrein I wonder stuk: Say yeah! Welcome to the fonky farm: A Maybe baby we can time to shake C Oh oh oh shit ????????? I wonder.......... Tab by SG of funk band Super Nova. http://supernovamusicsound.hyves.nl/ Play on own risk. Mistakes can be made.
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