Misc Unsigned Bands – Travis Norman - Ignition chords

Left handed
Ignition by Travis Norman

Chords used in this song

A Esus4 D Dadd9 Dmaj9 Dsus2 Gmaj9 Ge-0---0---2---2-----0-----0-----2---3----------------------------------|B-2---0---3---5-----2-----2-----3---3----------------------------------|G-2---2---2---2-----2-----3-----0---0----------------------------------|D-2---2---0---0-----0-----0-----0---0----------------------------------|A-0---0---x---x-----0-----0-----0---2----------------------------------|E-x---x---x---x-----x-----x-----x---3----------------------------------|
A Esus4Turn the key
Astart the flame
D Dadd9fog, heat, motion
DIn the concrete ocean.
A Esus4Is there a fog outside the glass?
AOr a fog inside my mind?
D Dadd9I watch the clock, I'll watch the sky
Dbut still I won't know why.
A Esus4Now this highway is twisting
Alike a barber's pole
D Dadd9where you bled me out
Dbut I didn't have a doubt.
A Esus4 AEverything you did, everything you said
D Dadd9had its rhyme and reason.
Finger picking riff
Esus4 Dmaj9 Gmaj9 Dsus2-----0----0-----|-----0----0----|-----2----2----|-----0----0----|---0----0----0--|---2----2----2-|---3----3----3-|---3----3----3-|------2----2----|------2----2---|------0----0---|------2----2---|-2--------------|-0-------------|-0-------------|-0-------------|----------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|----------------|---------------|---------------|---------------|
[finger picking]
Esus4I wish I stopped but once
Dmaj9to shine the silver platter
Gmaj9 Dsus2I used to show my excuses for you.
Esus4I wonder if I would see
Dmaj9my face in the reflection
Gmaj9 Dsus2or the mask that had become my skin?
(Instrumental break) [strumming]
Esus4 Dmaj9But now I see clearly
Gmaj9 Dsus2 clear as glass:
Esus4 Dmaj9the only thing keeping the wind
Gmaj9 Dsus2from blowing you out of my head.
Esus4 Dmaj9I took the key out of my back
Gmaj9 Dsus2you won't wind me up again
Esus4 Dmaj9I won't sing for you anymore
Gmaj9 Dsus2I won't make excuses for you anymore.
Esus4I'll put on the same clothes
Dmaj9 Gmaj9 Dsus2 that I wore yesterday.
Esus4 Dmaj9Because tears dry, and lies die.
Dmaj9 Dsus2But the sun always rises in the morning.
Coda: D Dsus2 Gmaj9 G repeat until faded out
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