Misc Unsigned Bands - Marshal Ericsen - You Just Got Slapped Himym chords

C             F            C           G

What is this feeling , that put you in your place
C            F        C                     G

A hot red burning on the side of your face
C             F          Am           G

You feel the blood rush to your cheek Tears start to fill your eyes
A#                       A#           F                        C

Your lips are trembling but you canít speak
A#                          A#     

Youíre trying, oh youíre trying not to cryyyy
       F                 F             G

Ya just got slapped      Across the face my friend
       F            G               C            C

Ya just got slapped    Yes that really just happened
       F             G                      C

Well, everybody saw it and everybody laughed and clapped
                F     G              E           Am

Cause it was awesome, the way that you just got slapped!
             F        G                         C

Thumbs up for this legen- wait for it... - DARY song and of course tv series!!!! 
Tab by Vladimiros92
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