Misc Unsigned Bands – Ben Baird - This Love chords

Left handed
This Love - Ben Baird

Capo 5

C Cadd2 AmIn My Hour of Weakness
F C GStill you hold me near
C Cadd2 AmLet sweet Love carry me home
F C GSomewhere far from here
C Cadd2 AmI'll stay here with you girl
F C Gfor these here arms are yours
C Cadd2 Amyou took me as you found me
F C Gi've never known this love before
Am C F C G This Love will Hold you when your lonely
Am C GThis Love will mend your broken heart
Am C F C GThis love will see you in your finest moments
F Fm CThis Love will take you home
Verse 2 Dont be afraid to close your eyes for i will never go away take my hand hold it tight this love i think of everyday Chorus
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