Misc Unsigned Bands - Open Idiot - Thrice Defeated But Im Trying Again chords

Thrice Defeated (But Iím Trying Again)


Dm X5                                          chorus strum pattern- vv^vv
Em X5
Am X5
C X5

Dm X4                                          verse strum pattern vv^v
Em X4
Am X4
C X4X2
Thrice Defeated (But Iím Trying Again) Chorus Iíve fought you before, Thrice at war, And thrice destroyed, But Iím tryiní again Verse 1 All the wasted years, Spent down in Mexico. 9 to 5, Livin a day dream. My life died, On Tokyo highway. Or the plane, That never came back Chorus Verse 2 So now I have a choice, Death or endless pain. Iíve got you handcuffed, To the oak chair. Now my choice comes, On deathís door, At 9 Past 5. Chorus
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