Misc Unsigned Bands - Jade Wright And Ellis Mccarthy - Summer Days chords

Intro (G/C/Em/D)x2 

Remember that day when we first met  (G/C/Em/D)
He made me laugh and smile, I swear I could melt (G/C/Em/D)
And then there was our first date  (G/C/Em/D)
We talked and talked and I called him my mate  (G/C/Em/D)

He sits and sings to me  (G/D)
Guitar rested on his knee  (G/D)
How lucky, how lucky can I be (G/D/C/Em)
In the garden, the suns our friend  (G/D)
Never want this day to end  (G/D)
I wanna be right here forever more (G/D/C/Em)
I wanna be with you forever more.  (G/D/C/Em)

Oh that day when he asked me  (G/C/Em/D)
The smile on my face was as big as it could be  (G/C/Em/D) 
Oh never knew it could feel this way  (G/C/Em/D)
Only hope this is enough, enough so I can say  (G/C/Em/D)


G/A/D/E x2

Oh those summer days  (G/C/F/A)
Changed my life this way  (G/C/F/A)
Take my breath away  (G/C/F/A)
Made me love you ok?  (G/C/F/A)


Remember that day when we first met...  (G/C/Em/G)
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