Misc Unsigned Bands - Have You Ever Lived Our Lives - Angiepint chords

G CHave you ever lived our lives?
Em DSpent one moment in our shoes?
G CIf you haven’t then tell me why
Em DYou judge us as you do?
{Verse 1}
G EmHave you ever seen you friend get shot?
Am DOutside his favorite store?
G EmHave you ever seen your best friend die
Am D7From drugs she’s never used before?
{Chorus} {Verse 2}
G DHave you ever gone to bed before
Em AmHoping you would die?
G DHave you ever tried to hide your pain
Em CBy making up a lie?
{Verse 3}
G AmHave you every sat beneath the stars
C DHoping God will hear?
G CHave you ever seen your Dad drive away
Am FAfter one too many beers?
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