Misc Unsigned Bands - J Reyez - Wedding Dress chords

Capo 4

(Verse 1 - Tommy C)
EmNever should've let you go
CNever found myself at home
GEver since that day that you walked
DRight out the door
EmYou were like my beating heart
CThat I, I can't control
GEven though weve grown apart
DMy brain cant seem to let you go
EmThinking back to the old times
CWhen you kept me up late at night
GWe use to mess around
DLaugh and play, fuss and fight
Em CI guess its too late, Im dancing this dance alone
G DThis chapters done, the story goes on
Em C G DBaby Can't believe that you are not with me
Em'Cause you should be my lady
C G DAll I want is to set your heart free
Em CBut if you believe that you belong with him
G DPromise me, you wont let anyone hurt you
Em CRemember, I will always be here for you
G DEven if it kills me to see you
EmIn that wedding dress
C GOh see you in that wedding dress
D EmSee you in that wedding dress
C G DOh see you in that wedding dress
(Verse 2)
EmSnappin out this misery
CDepression this aint me
GBut I always turn around
D180 degrees
EmYou got control of me
CAnd I, I cant explain
GSomebody call 911 Emergency
DBefore I go insane
EmSince youve moved on
CYou took a piece of me give it back
GSo much pain in my chest
DBlacking out, heart attack
(Pre-Chorus) (Chorus) (Verse 3 - J.Reyez)
Em CAnd I see you with your man and it's hard to understand
G DIf we belong, if I did you wrong, where we even began
Em CWe would always fuss and fight and it seems nothing was right
G DBut I loved you girl and you were my world but you'd never trust this guy
Em C'Cause the things I do when I'm on the stage, they say I'm a superstar
G DYou couldn't understand all the female fans and then we grew apart
Em CAnd I just don't get when you're acting like some other person
G DBut I try my best to hold on at the times when it ain't working
Em CAnd everytime that you say it's over it breaks my heart and I don't know why
G D'Cause you've done it a lot of times in the past but I get back up and try
Em CYou said we could work it out, how could you hurt me now
G DAnd you moved on to the next, I'm left with an imperfect smile
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