Misc Unsigned Bands - Echofela - Girls Girls Ladies chords


Em BmIm not saying Im a player, Im not dishonest I am fair
Am G DI just like the attention that I get from the ladies
Em BmIts just the little things inside of me that keeps me engine driving
Am G DAlways reaching for a higher goal
Em Bm Am G DAnd I dont visit the same place twice, if you get my drift
Em BmAnd you may think I am sleazy and my chats up lines are cheesy
Am G DBut baby give me one chance, and ill prove you wrong
Em Bm Cadd9 G DI don’t think you get me x 4
G Am Cadd9 Its all about the Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls
G Am Cadd9 Im all about the Ladies, Ladies, Ladies
G Am Cadd9 Im taking ‘bout those Girls, Girls (shout), Girls, Girls (shout), Girls
G Am Cadd9 Im talking about those the Ladies, Ladies, Ladies
Verse 2 - I walk straight into the entrance of the nightclub and im sensing Its gonna be, its gonna be a good night tonight And the music is pounding through me Give me a minute or a second so I can find my feet so I can do my thing Im not saying Im a player, Im not dishonest I am fair I just like the attention Add
Am (stop) Cadd9 GPut your hands up fellas, if you believe
Am (stop) Cadd9 GPut your hands up ladies if you agree
Bridge Chorus
Em BmI like the Blondes and the reds, and the brunettes with the legs
Cadd9 G DI like them curly like them straight, with a tattoo on their waist x 4
Chorus Finish
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