Misc Unsigned Bands - David Ippolito - Facebook Is A Stupid Idiot tab

Hey ppl, this is the Facebook song, heard it very recently, ironically on facebook..

What the F#%k is Farmville -by- David Ippolito
Tabbed by Prafulla Shahi

Chords used:
D	xx0232
C	x32010
G	320033
Em7	022030
Em	022000
Asus4	x02230
A	x02220

---------*Intro:*--------- D E||-----------------2----|----------------------|-------2--------------|B||------------3---------|--3-------------------|--3---------3---------|G||-------2--------------|-------2---------2----|-----------------2----|D||--0-------------------|------------0---------|----------------------|A||----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|E||----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
Em7 D --2--------------2----|--3-------------2----|--L--------------2----|--2-----------|------------3---------|---------------------|------------3---------|----3----3----|-------2--------------|---------------------|-------2--------------|------2-------|--0-------------------|-----------2----0----|--L-------------------|--0-----------|----------------------|--2------------------|----------------------|--------------|----------------------|---------------------|----------------------|--------------|
C Em7 Em ----------------------|--3---------3---------|----------------------|--0----------|--1-------------------|----------------------|------------0---------|-------------|-------0---------0----|----------------------|-----------------0----|-------------|------------2---------|----------------------|-------2--------------|-------------|--3-------------------|--2----2---------2----|--2-------------------|--2----------|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|-------------|
----------*Verse 1:*---------- D C G -----------------2----|----------------------|----------------------|------------3---------|-----------------1----|----------------------|-------2--------------|------------0---------|-----------------0----|--0-------------------|-------2--------------|------------0---------|----------------------|--3-------------------|-------2--------------|----------------------|----------------------|--3-------------------|
D Em7 C -----------------2----|----------------------|----------------------|------------3---------|-----------------3----|-----------------1----|-------2--------------|------------0---------|------------0---------|--0-------------------|-------2--------------|-------2--------------|----------------------|--2-------------------|--3-------------------|----------------------|----------------------|----------------------|
G Em D C ----------------------|---------------------|-----------------2----|------------|----------------------|---------------------|------------3---------|-------1----|-----------------0----|---------------------|-------2--------------|-----0------|------------0---------|------------2--------|--0-------------------|---2--------|-------2--------------|-------2-------------|----------------------|-3----------|--3-------------------|--0------------------|----------------------|------------|
G D Em7 ----------------------|-----------------2----|------------0----0----|----------------------|------------3---------|------------3----3----|-----------------0----|-------2--------------|------------0----0----|------------0---------|--0-------------------|-------2----2----2----|-------2--------------|----------------------|-------2----2----2----|--3-------------------|----------------------|--0---------0----0----|
C G Asus4 --0----0----0---L---0----|--3----3----3---L---3----|--0-----0----0----0----|--1----1----1---L---1----|--3----3----3---L---3----|--3-----3----3----3----|--0----0----0---L---0----|--0----0----0---L---0----|--2-----2----2----2----|--2----2----2p--0h--2----|--0----0----0---L---0----|--2-----2----2----2----|--3----3----3---L---3----|--2----2----2p--0h--2----|--0-----0----0----0----|-------------------------|--3----3----3---L---3----|-----------------------|
Asus4 --0----0----0----0----||--3----3----3----3----||--2----2----2----2----||--2----2----2----2----||--0----0----0----0----||----------------------||
Verse 1: -------- D C I saw my ex on Facebook… G D But I wanted to do what’s best. Em7 C Show her there are no hard feelings so G Em I sent her a “friend request”. D C But now her photo pops in that random 6 G D And I just think it’s mean… Em7 C There she is with a new guy makin’ out G Asus4 Asus4 on my computer screen! Chorus: -------- D C G |Asus4 A| Facebook is a stupid idiot! (x3) Verse 2: -------- D C Jane said you gotta be on Facebook G D to connect in the digital age. Em7 C So like everyone else… and their pets G Em(stop strumming) I got my face a Facebook page. D C Now the learning curve was a bitch at first. G D I didn’t know ’til I got burned Em7 C that what I wrote on my wall could be seen by all. G Asus4 Asus4 That’s just the first thing that I learned. Chorus: ------- D C G |Asus4 A| Facebook is a stupid idiot! (x2) Verse 3: -------- D C It’s the place for worthless information G D like an insane almanac. Em7 C Where women post minutiae G Em Em and men write stupid comments back. D C Where women can vent about mundane events G D and inundate the Internet. Em7 C And where clueless men “friend” women G Asus4 Asus4 who they’ve never even met. Alter 1: -------- G Asus4 Facebook is a stupid idiot D G ’cause I could stand to miss Em7 C the fact that Tanya thinks all her friends are “AWESOME” G Asus4 and for some reason Pete “likes this”. G Asus4 And Rita reports that the trucks are loud D G but she still loves this city. It proves that… Em7 C Facebook is a stupid idiot. Interlude: ---------- D Em Verse 4: --------- D C Now some woman sent me flowers… G D ‘though I don’t even know her name. Em7 C I stayed home that day for hours G Em but no flowers ever came. D C Then she started sending hugs and drinks. Of course… G D all of it completely fake. Em7 C Then she hit me with a “virtual pillow” G Asus4 Asus4 How much shit can one man take? Alter 2: -------- G Asus4 Facebook is a stupid idiot D G ’cause I don’t need to read Em7 C all the everyday hapless crap out there G(stop strumming) Asus4 then ZAP! It’s a “News Feed”. G Asus4 Like: Jenny just made Ben’s favorite stew D G and gave some to their kitty. It proves that… Em7 C Facebook is a stupid idiot. Verse 5: -------- C D Now some guy with a mind for trivia C G D wants to know...how mine compares to his. Em7 C But I’m gonna buy a gun if he sends one more G Em Em f#%king “movie quiz.” D C And Liza says she needs fertilizer G D ’cause her FarmVille crops are small. “WHAT THE F#%K IS FARMVILLE?” Em7 C And Missy says she’s just so damn busy today… G Asus4 Asus4 But had time to write that on my wall! Alter 3: -------- G Asus4 Facebook is a stupid idiot. D G There’s nothing more to say. Em7 How else would I know that Heather C thinks that “flip-flop weather” G Asus4 is finally here to stay! G Asus4 And what did we do before we knew D G(stop strumming) that Sue just took a nap. Em7 C Facebook is a stupid idiot. Chorus: ------- D C G |Asus4 A| Facebook is a stupid idiot! x4
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