Misc Unsigned Bands – Wesley Fagan - Somebody Must Go chords

Bm people on the streets
A people need to know
G god can meet their needs
Dmaj7 if only we would go.
Bm people next to you
A with nothing to hold on to
G we have the hope they need
Dmaj7 but we cant always see
pre chorus:
Bm Dmaj7 G it all begins with you
D somebody must go
A or they will never know
G gods love is true
D and he cares for them too
D somebody must go
A or they will never hear
G gods kingdom is near
D A who will go will it be you
Em will it be you
Bm once they hear his word
A the poor will become rich
G the shame will begin fall
Dmaj his grace fills in the ditch
Bm like music to their ears
A his voice will become clear
G his joy will fill their lives
Dmaj7 and wipe away the tears
bridge: all around us hopeless faces all around us unknown cases
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