Misc Unsigned Bands - Ted Bond - The Hypothetical Song chords

Strumming pattern is simple, just listen to the song

F GmPut forward in solitude
C FSmall words of petition
Dm GmIt's something creating you
C FAnd maybe that something will care
Dm GmWhat useless soliloquy
C F CWithout recognition
Dm GmIf someone was listening
C FYou wouldn't have offered the prayer
A DmBut you're waiting for someone else
C FTo validate your existance
A DmYou're praying for a man to come
Bb F CInaugurate your happy and meaningful life
A DmTill then you've just that single hope
C F CTo motivate your persistance
Dm CIn holding your own
Bb FIn living alone
A DmBut what if he never comes
Gm C FWhat if your fate is eternal seclusion
Dm GmWould it feel good to complain about being a woman
C FIn a mans world
Dm GmWhat if you never fell in love
C FWhat if live suddenly wasn't over
Gm BbWhat if you woke up one morning instead
A DmIn old womens clothing, grey hair on your head
GmWet-nursed and spoon-fed
C FAlone in your bed
GmThese thoughts are your contract
C FYour pact with anxiety
Dm GmSame that give you purpose
C FOld satisfaction, fulfillment and joy
Dm GmSelf-pity prohibits you
C F CFrom finding security
Dm Gm CYou can't be a woman when you're still girl
FIn want of a boy
A DmAnd it's a bitter brand of comedy
C FThat marks your pain and tension
A DmWhen the faith that finds you on your knee
Bb F CHas not the strenght to pull you to your knee
A DmAnd you're defining fantasy
C F CSpeaks only condescension
Dm C'Cause you're still alone
Bb FStill holding your own
A DmBut what if he never comes
Gm C FWhat if your fate is eternal seclusion
Dm GmWhat if your life goes unshared and unwitnessed
C FWhat if you grow up to be an old maid
Dm GmWhat if your waiting for life to begin
C FWhen really you're waiting for nothing at all
Gm E What if you wake up one morning instead
Am AAlone in your bed
DmWhat if you find a man
GBut you're still alone
CNo longer a virgin
FBut you're still unknown
BbHe's only met your needs
GmWith needs of his own
AmIs that what you've been waiting for
A DmWhat if you find the one
GWhose strength would see it through
COnly to find
FHe's just as weak as you
BbOne lonely child
GmHas now become two
Am A Asus4Is that what you've been praying for
Solo BG: Dm, D, Gm, G, C, C, Am, A
Dm GmBut what if somebody was trying to tell you
C FYou were the reason that he was a man
DmYeah, but you wouldn't listen
Gm C FYou were to wrapped up in your own defeat
DmHe suffers your rejection
Gm C FIt's amazing what the mind constitutes and discretes
Gm BbAnd what if life is waiting in front of your nose
ABut you hadn't noticed
DmCause your eyes are closed
GmYou're debating opposed
C FTo the one who loves you most
Chords from the old Craig's Brother forum, circa 2003. First version by Fat Pete.
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