Misc Unsigned Bands - Greg Pherigo - Pistols At Dawn chords

Capo 2

For the intro (and most of the time he's hanging on the C) he is hammering on the second 
third frets with his middle and pinky fingers, and then letting that "G" string play 
before switching to the Am.  I suppose tabbing it would be easier than trying to explain it...

C Am GAnd I just killed my own friend the traitor
C Am GHes been living on my couch
F G Am CI used to love him like a brother
F G AmAnd on occasion I still do
On Tuesday we shared a gourmet breakfast For lunch I shot him in the face Wednesday we went out for coffee And Friday I beat him black and blue
DmI shoulda thrown him to the curb
Am EmFinished it when I had the chance
DmSunday I cleaned him up
Am GAnd we began the same old dance
C Am GHello my friend, come in again
C Am GMake yourself at home.
Fm G Am CBut I may kill you in the morning
Fm G AmOr leave you there asleep
Fm G C
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